I was brought up on a farm on the Menai Strait near Caernarfon where the fields ran down to the sea.The constant observation of the cycles of life, weather, land, the flotsam and jetsam which came in daily on the tide brought about a heightened observation of love, loss, transformation and celebration of life. Representing the landscape is not my aim but through drawing, new forms are born and metaphors for the human condition emerge which  become my landscape. After completing my studies in Bangor and Cardiff I taught in Rochdale and South Wales.I spent many happy and challenging years teaching art and design along with the late Osi Osmond and four others at Hartridge High School, Newport Gwent with an intake of 2,000 children.

 I returned to North Wales, where I held the post of senior lecturer in Art Education and taught undergraduates and P.G.C.E. students at U.C.N.W. .Bangor. I took early retirement to develop my own work and travel with my husband.We visited many exciting places in Asia, America,Hawaii, Australia, the Islands of Polynesia, South Africa,Morocco and Istanbul.The vibrancy of different cultures, colours, patterns, the people, their fine art and craft work certainly influenced my work. I was elected as a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy 2006. 

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